I exist to create a better future for coexistence. I am here to Create Conscious Change.

To redefine our perceptions and how we interact with humanity and nature. To explore the dichotomies of life. To celebrate art in all its majestic forms.

I am our story. I am your story. I am my own story.

I Am The Evolution Of Luxury To The Highest Consciousness. I Am Art Luxury.

I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House


The Art Luxury House

I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House, is here to Create Conscious Change with love. I aim to:

  • Facilitate the evolution of luxury.
  • Elevate the profile of sustainable luxury to the apex of luxury.
  • Utilize the finest and most exclusive quality sustainable materials.
  • Implement a sustainable supply chain that leaves a positive impact on our planet.
  • Achieve excellence in artistry, design, and craftsmanship resulting in timeless heirloom pieces that not only transcend seasons, but also connect generations.
  • Blend art, science, and technology into each creation.
  • Foster a platform for customization that enables limitless self-expression for individuality.
  • Appreciate art in all aspects of life: fashion, food, music, sport, science, technology, business, law, spirituality, love, and nature.
  • Have a social responsibility focused on uniting humanity and spreading the message of peace, love, and respect for all.
  • Donate 5% of net profits annually to charitable causes around the world.
  • Be inclusive for all to participate regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or any other labels.