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THE AUMNIVERSE is the combination of two words. First, from the Sanskrit word “Aum” which symbolizes the universe, the power behind all creation, and one of the most important symbols in spiritualism. It is the vibration and sound of the universe and the Divine. A sound imperceptible to humanity but the song sung in silence that drives our existence. Combined with the word “omniverse”, which captures all the universes, multiverses, and the dimensions of our entire existence, THE AUMNIVERSE provides the essence of all possibilities.

Extend your universe to the multiverse. It does not matter if it’s a philosophical notion or scientific hypothesis, you create the multiverse you desire. Explore all your dreams and realities across different universes.

THE AUMNIVERSE offers the realm of infinite possibilities within THE IATO SPHERE for interchangeable components, such as shoulder straps, attachable pouchettes, waist belts, and attachable charms (sold separately), offering limitless ways of self expression.

Which dimension will you explore to make this creation your own?

Color: Mermaid Blue

Availability: We do not produce, we create. Please allow approximately 8-10 weeks to receive your creation.

Creation Details

Our creations are unique jewels resulting from the blending of age-old exquisite and master artisanal hand craftsmanship, engineering precision and cutting edge modern technology rooted in the principles of sustainable development at every stage of the creation process. Our heirloom quality creations not only transcend seasons, but also connect generations.

I Am The Evolution Of Luxury To The Highest Consciousness. I Am Art Luxury. I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House.

Note: Each creation is meticulously handcrafted, hence no two creations are exactly alike. Slight variations in shape and size add the beauty of human involvement to each creation.

Packaging: Handcrafted reusable packaging box made with FSC-certified, GMO free bio-paper containing 40% post-consumer recycled waste and made with 100% green energy.

Shipping: Free express carbon neutral delivery on all orders.

Returns: Fourteen (14) day return policy for all unused creations returned in original condition and packaging.

Suggested care: As you are purchasing an art luxury creation, we encourage you to treat your creation with gentle love and kindness to maximize the longevity of your art piece:

  • Use only a slightly damp soft cloth and gently rub any small marks or stains that may develop over time.
  • Do not use any solvents, leather, or metal cleaners on your creation.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this may result in fading over time.
  • Keep your shoulder strap or belts extended when storing. Do not keep any shoulder straps or belts rolled up for prolonged periods of time to avoid wrinkling.
  • Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight preferably in the original dust bag provided when not in use.
  • Made with USDA certified exotic cactus plant-based
    biomaterials that infuse evolved consciousness into exquisite
    Italian craftsmanship.
  • Looks, feels, and functions like the finest traditional animal
    leathers but is sourced from organically and sustainably
    grown nopal cactus.
  • Contains no traditional polyurethane, phthalates, PVC or any
    other fossil fuel-based materials.

  • Jewelry quality, handcrafted gold plated hardware, using the finest Italian
    goldsmith traditions.
  • Created in a Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified
    facility using the most eco-friendly metals, materials, and
    processes available.
  1. Body: L 35 x H 28 x W 18 CM
  2. Body: L 13.8 x H 11 X W 7 IN

  1. Pouchette: L 23 x H 16 x W 6 CM
  2. Pouchette: L 9 x H 6.3 X W 2.4 IN

  1. Shoulder Strap: 98 - 118 CM
  2. Shoulder Strap: 35.6 - 46.5 IN

  1. Waist Belt: 75 - 105 CM
  2. Waist Belt: 29.5 - 41.3 IN
NFC Technology

4 unique serial numbers

  • Main Body
  • Pouchette
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Waist Belt

Made With Consciousnesses



Exquisitely handcrafted by master Italian artisans.


Sustainability and luxury are two sides of the same coin.

Charitable Caring

5% of net profits donated annually to charitable causes around the world.


The realm of infinite possibilities. Limitless ways of self-expression balanced with maximum functionality.

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