Our Story

I AM THE OCEAN was born from the creative inspiration of Siddhi and A.D Desai‘s passion and appreciation for art in all its majestic forms. The Art Luxury House endeavors to Create Conscious Change in order to create a better future for coexistence.

But I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House, is not about its two Co-Creators. It is about each individual who shares our vision.

The “I” in our name is not about us, it is about “You.”

You Are The Ocean.

You are the writer of your own story. Make it your own.

Siddhi Desai

Siddhi Desai is a mother to two beautiful young children. She is a biotechnologist by education; spiritualist by religion; art enthusiast by passion; and eco-conscious by moral obligation.

She is the Chief Visionary, Creator, and Art Director of I AM THE OCEAN.

She has a deep passion and diverse interests in the realms of science, technology, spirituality, philosophy, art, design, and timeless luxury.

Born in Surat, India; educated in Bangalore, India and Scotland with BSc & MSc degrees in Biotechnology; and residing near Miami, FL, Siddhi's global experiences helped shape her views on the importance of celebrating diversity and oneness. Her roots in science helped her realize the urgent need for humanity to move towards a sustainable lifestyle.

She hopes to redefine conventional perceptions of luxury and elevate sustainability to the apex of luxury by introducing I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House to the world. She strongly believes that sustainability and luxury are two sides of the same coin.

A.D Desai

A.D Desai is a father, husband, son, appreciator of art, whisk(e)y enthusiast, Chicago sports addict, and Co-Creator of I AM THE OCEAN.

He is a second generation Indian-American born in Chicago, IL and raised near Miami, FL.

He earned his MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and spent several years as a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

He is fascinated by the dichotomy that most consider him to be Indian when in America but American when visiting India. He considers himself to just be a Citizen of the World.

He wholeheartedly believes the vision and philosophy that Siddhi has created with I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House has the power to truly Create Conscious Change for the betterment of humanity and nature. His life has benefited immeasurably from having Siddhi as his life partner, and he looks forward to her sharing her messages of positivity with the world.

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